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Accelerate Your Coaching With These Hard Won Lessons From Industry Leaders

We know that being a Strength Coach is a selfless job: endless hours, tiny pay, tight budgets and limited resources are the norm.

But these common challenges didn't stop our industry leaders from impacting lives and growing into who they are today.

We connected with seven leading high school strength and conditioning coaches from around the country so we could share their hard won lessons and help you accelerate your growth as a strength and conditioning professional. Inside you'll learn:

  • 8 proven ways to engage and build relationships with your athletes
  • How networking and relationship can impact your professional development
  • How to narrow your focus and identify the true opportunities within your program
  • The value in building systems for efficiency and effectiveness

Contributing Experts

Micah Kurtz (AC Flora High School) - NHSSCA South Carolina State Director, 2016 NSCA Strength Coach of The Year

Kevin O'Neill (Nobles and Greenough School) - NHSSCA Massachusetts State Director

Travis Osborne (North Valley High School) - NHSSCA Oregon State Director

Doug Gle (Traverse City Central High School) - NHSSCA Michigan State Director

Lee Weber (Wamego High School) - NHSSCA Kansas State Director

Rob Brokow (North Bend Central High School) - NHSSCA Nebraska State Director

Dave Reynolds - 20-year coaching veteran and Head Strength Coach @ The Baylor School

Nick Garcia - 13-year coaching veteran and Head Strength Coach @ Notre Dame High School